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London is an expensive town, but it doesn’t have to be…

Here are some ways to survive when you’re Broke and Abroad:

 Visit Camden Town

If you have some time to walk in the life of the late great Amy Winehouse, you should definitely visit Camden Town. The gentrified neighborhood has become one of the hippest boroughs in London (WELCOME TO GENTRIFICATION).

Here you can find everything from exotic food markets and hip night life, to cheap street shopping. Be sure to visit the Camden Lock Market. And if you are into all things bazaar, CyberDog Rave Shop is worth a visit. The fact that they have glow in the dark go-go dancers was enough to peak my interest.  It was the first stop on my list.

… And I was able to have a beer at Amy’s “Local” (favorite local pub). Total Perks!

Uncover the Mystery of…

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